Work package 2 is being led by:

 Organization Leader   Organization Leader

 03 Alaoui

Dr. Alaoui

   +    04 AU

04 Schlunssen

Dr. Schlünssen

WP2 focuses on the harmonisation of monitoring of PPP distributions in the ecosystems, plants, animals and humans in 11 CSS across Europe and the related health status.

The specific objectives for WP2 are:

  • To develop a study protocol for a diagnostic approach with respect to data collection for EPAH health, standardized across all CSS and related capacity building of stakeholders.
  • To deliver a critical review and database of available agricultural and public health data related to PPPs to optimize the diagnosis of ecosystem, plant, animal, and human health.
  • To collect data in the CSS on PPP distribution and EPAH health following a harmonized protocol, analyse them and identify patterns and relations.
  • To collect input data for the exposure models applied in WP3.
  • To develop, test and validate the integrated detailed diagnostic approach.
  • To identify innovative and sustainable land management practices to reduce reliance on PPPs.