Work package 5 will be lead by 

 Organization Leader   Organization Leader
 09 UU

 09 Huss

Prof. dr. Huss

   +    21 MU

21 Hofman

Prof. dr. Hofman


Main objectives of WP5 are:

  • To develop an integrated modelling and mapping platform for risk and impact assessment of PPPs’ residue mixtures on EPAH health - the Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox.
  • To integrate the results across the different WPs – CSS results, data generated on exposure, effects and risks, and models - as well as data available in PPPs related databases and information systems and new scientific literature results.
  • To upscale the toolbox to regional and European scale and test its global applicability within FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit.
  • To bring together the different scientific disciplines of the SPRINT research groups to share knowledge, synthesize findings, and thereby support the further research of pesticide exposure and health impacts in an integrated way.