Work package 8 will be lead by 

 Organization Leader
 13 CCRI

13 Mills

Dr. Mills


Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) is a leading rural research centre with expertise in engaging with a wide range of stakeholders. The SPRINT concept and methodology undertaken will lead to major scientific and societal advances in the use of pesticides. Appropriate dissemination, exploitation and communication measures are crucial to leverage the impact of project results by wide-scale adoption and use of these results by consortium partners and all stakeholders outside the consortium.

The specific objectives for WP8 are:

  • To set up and implement SPRINT’s Dissemination and Exploitation strategy, ensuring the project’s results are distributed and utilised as broadly as possible, taking advantage of tailored dissemination channels and messages.
  • To set up and implement SPRINT’s Awareness-raising and Communication strategy fostering dialogue on societal issues related to the SPRINT project with the general public.
  • To draft a data management plan and facilitate standardized data preservation, access and governance in SPRINT.