Work package 9 will be lead by 

 Organization Leader   Leader
 15 WENR

01 Geissen



Prof. dr. Geissen


05 SKU

05 Scheepers
Prof. dr. Scheepers

Scientific coordinator

This WP will address day-to-day coordination and management of the overall project. WP9 will foster collaboration between the SPRINT partners, but also with the Project Advisory Board, to ensure compliance with the EC’s requirements, timely reporting and efficient administration and will facilitate adequate decision-making.

The specific objectives for WP9:

  • To warrant effective administrative, financial, ethical and legal coordination.
  • To prepare, conclude and maintain the Consortium Agreement from the onset of the project until the end.
  • To install the management bodies and implement the meeting and reporting processes of the project to support the interaction and collaboration between partners both within and between WPs including the timely exchange of materials, data and results and other information.
  • To monitor the project work plan and achievement of the objectives, deliverables and milestones; identify any problems early and find solutions to counteract or rectify the problems.
  • To timely submit the contractual periodic EC reports and maintain good lines of communication with the EU Project Officer;
  • To monitor compliance with the ethical requirements as set out in Chapter 5.
  • To manage gender equality issues in the project.