Partner 25: University College Cork

Partner description

UCC is internationally acclaimed as one of the top 2% of research institutions in the world with an outstanding track record in teaching and research. In particular, UCC has a strong commitment to research in the area of gut microbiota, gut-brain axis, neuroscience and mental health with clinicians, clinicianscientists and basic scientists working closely together with APC Microbiome Ireland. The staff of APC has a comprehensive range of research skills including microbiologists, immunologists, pharmacologists, clinicians, gastroenterologists, behavioural scientists and is ranked in the top 5 microbiome centres worldwide and number 1 in Europe.


Role in the project

UCC is partner in the project and involved in WP 2 & WP4. UCC will focus on Microbiota Analyses, Brain-Gut Communication and Effects of PPPs on Behaviour.

Involved personnel

25 Cryan Prof. dr. Cryan is professor and Chair of the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience and Principal Investigator with APC Microbiome Ireland (APC). He is a world leader in Gut-Brian research. Prof Cryan has an excellent reputation for advanced supervision and for preparing researchers having supervised over 45 PhD students and 50 postdoctoral researchers over his career. Other relevant experiences include the coordination of large international projects, such as EU-JPI projects ERA-HDHL Transnational Call "Biomarkers for Nutrition and Health", and ‘Nutrition & Cognitive Function” and EU FP7 grants ‘MyNewGut’ and ‘TACTIC’ and several industry-led projects.
Dr. Eoin Gunnigle | University of Limerick Dr. Gunnigle is a senior member of the Brain-Gut Microbiota Axis group at APC Microbiome Ireland. He manages number of projects and external collaborations that are focused on understanding the bi-directional communication between brain and gut microbiota, and the mechanisms and physiological events including stress and immune-related disorders at key windows across the lifespan. In our group we are particularly focused on dietary and other interventions that can affect brain health via the microbiome.