7th edition of the sprint newsletter

As we enter the final year of the SPRINT project, read about our latest findings, newly published work, and upcoming events in our 7th newsletter here. Make sure you don't miss out as new results emerge from the project, by subscribing to our newsletter on the homepage to recieve project news.


brain paper SPRINT

SPRINT have just published a NEW summary factsheet! This resource provides an overview of the links between synthetic pesticide expsosure, gut microbiota, and brain function. This factsheet is based on a review paper written by Rie Matsuzaki and other SPRINT partners. Read the factsheet by clicking here, or check out the full peer-reviewed publication here

Pesticide reduction 3

SPRINT are taking part in an upcoming event on pesticide reduction in Europe, taking place online on Friday 28th June from 10:00-13:00 CEST. The symposium will highlight the role played by collaborative Green Deal projects in the effort to reduce the use and risk of chemical pesticides, and to showcase recent research and impact achieved across Europe. Here, we will bring together practitioners, researchers and policy-makers to find common ground and consider policy recommendations for the future of Sustainable Use of Pesticides in Europe.

Register by clicking here

6.1 factsheet

A new factsheet from SPRINT summarises the key findings from Peter Fantke and team's project report considering the life-cycle sustainability of pesticides, looking beyond the direct effects their active ingredients have when applied to fields. The impacts of resource extraction, manufacturing, application, and waste management of pesticides and their packaging were assessed, and the results compared against alternative approaches to plant protection.