Partner 18: Institute of Agriculture and Tourism

Partner description

IPTPO is a public research institution of Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and has a long history behind it. The main focus of the IPTPO is on research regarding agriculture and tourism and their interaction in Mediterranean area of Croatia. The efforts are mainly focused on promoting sustainable development of agriculture in rural areas, with primary focus on small family farms, wine, grapes, vegetables and olive oil producers. Research is mostly orientated to vegetables cultivation as well as vegetables biodiversity, plant nutrition and plant physiology, plant pathology, genetic plant characterization, viticulture and wine making technologies, olive oil production and sensory evaluation of wine and olive oil.


Role in the project

IPTPO will participate in WP1, WP2, WP6 and WP7 (as the responsible for the Croatian Case Study Site, CSS6-Istria).

Involved personnel

Silhouet Dr. Pasković is head of Institute Scientific Council and research associate with expertise in agronomy and plant nutrition. He currently leads Croatian Science Foundation (CSF) project focused on olive plant nutrition and olive-pathogen interactions.
Silhouet Dr. Ban is institute director, senior researcher with >20 years of experience in agronomy, plant production and plant biodiversity.
Silhouet Dr. Goreta Ban is senior researcher with >20 years of experience in the field of horticulture. The focus of her work is based on the influence of abiotic and biotic stress factors on fruit and vegetable crops, and their interaction with technology of production in order to minimize crop damage and overcome yield and quality lost.
Silhouet Dr. Palčić is research associate with expertise in plant physiology.

Marina Lukić, MSc. of food technology. Participates in the work of National and European regulations for food and specifically for olive oil and also international marketing standards for olive oil (International Olive Council) and for oils and fats (Codex Alimentarius).


Marija Polić Pasković, MSc. of plant protection, is PhD student with main interests at olive plant nutrition, entomology and environmental sciences.