Partner 19: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

Partner description

The Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) provides an essential public service of higher education through teaching, study, research, innovation and technology transfer. R&D groups conduct basic and applied research in a wide range of engineering and scientific fields. Academically, UPCT is focused on technical and engineering degrees. The European Project Office of UPCT has a wide experience in EU projects with more than 150 projects in different European calls. Involved in the project are UPCT’s Department of Agricultural Engineering (groups of Soil Management, Horticulture and Plant Protection) and UPCT’s Department of Business Economy (group of Agricultural Economy).


Role in the project

UPCT will participate in WP1, WP2, WP6 and WP7 (as the responsible for the Spanish Case Study Site, CSS1-Cartagena).

Involved personnel

Silhouet Prof. Zornoza in the Department of Agricultural Engineering. His research expertise lines are soil quality, organic matter dynamics and soil microbiology. Project Coordinator of H2020 DIVERFARMING project. General Secretary of the Spanish Society of Soil Science.
Silhouet  Prof. dr. Egea-Gilabert is full Professor in the Department of Agricultural Engineering. Her main research areas are molecular characterization of genetic resources; plant-microbe interactions and biological control of pathogens. Vice-Dean of Higher School of Agricultural Engineering of UPCT, 2004-2006.
Silhouet Assoc. Prof. Contreras in the Department of Agricultural Engineering. Her main research areas are entomology and pest/diseases control, focusing on alternative and more sustainable methods of controlling pests and diseases in integrated and organic farming.

Silhouet Prof. Alcon in the department of Business Economics. Agricultural Engineer focus on Agricultural Economics, with special interest on the economy of agricultural resource management.
Silhouet Prof. dr. de Miguel is full Professor in the Business Economics Department with significant expertise in socioeconomic analysis of agricultural firms, cost-effectiveness studies, efficiency, adoption and diffusion of technology.

Assoc. Prof. Cifuentes in the Department of Agricultural Engineering. She has an expertise on Crop Protection (Phytopathology + Agricultural Entomology).  Her scientific research lines are Phytopathology, Entomology, Molecular markers, Pest detection, Insecticides resistance.


Assoc. Prof. Armero in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, with > 25 years of experience in fundamental and applied research in animal production. Her main research lines are about animal genetic resources and alternative production systems.


Research staff. López-Becerra in the department of Business Economics. Focused on the economy of agricultural resource management, information and communication technologies and Agri-food companies.