Partner 24: University of Bordeaux

Partner description

The University of Bordeaux is ranked n°24 in Reuters Europe’s Top 100 Innovative Universities (2019), n°87 in the Times Higher Education Young University Ranking (2019) and 201-300 within the Shanghai General Ranking (2018). The field of research is a driving force of the University of Bordeaux. The excellence of its competencies in all scientific fields was recognized in July 2011 when the university was awarded the "Initiative of Excellence". This award supports the growth and development of research.

In 2016, the University of Bordeaux was one of the first universities in France to obtain confirmation of this program. The university welcomes around 50,000 students, including almost 2,000 PhD students, employs around 6,000 staff, boasts 20 international associated laboratories and much more. Among the 11 entites of the University, the departments of Environmental Sciences and Public Health are highly renowned structures. The Bordeaux Population Health Center, included in the Public Health department, is involved in the project though its EPICENE team.


Role in the project

Through the Bordeaux population Health Center (EPICENE Team- INSERM U1219), UB takes part in the project as a partner with specific skills in environmental health and exposure assessment.

Involved personnel

Silhouet Prof. dr. Baldi is Professor in occupational health and co-leads the EPICENE team. She has 20 years of experience in environmental epidemiology, a large number of her publications concern health impact of pesticides. She is involved in large epidemiological projects, such as the AGRICAN cohort and the international consortium AGRICOH.
Silhouet Prof. dr. Garrigou is Chair holder of the Ergonomy discipline in Bordeaux University with >20 years of experience in the field of occupation and health, including large projects on occupational exposure.
Silhouet Ms. Bureau is an agronomist engineer in the EPICENE group and she involved in field studies on pesticide exposure and in a program concerning the Crop Exposure Matrix PESTIMAT.