Del. No. Deliverable name WP No. Lead participant

Delivery date

D9.1 Consortium Agreement signed by all partners (login required) 9 WU Oct
D8.1 SPRINT project website and secure intranet portal 8 WU Nov
D9.3 Minute of the annual plenary meeting 9 WU Nov
D2.1 Monitoring plan for assessing EPAH health at CSS 2 UBERN Feb
D8.2 Data Management Plan (login required) 8 WU Feb
D1.1 Report on the composition of the stakeholder platforms at each CSS (login required) 1 LQM Jun

Literature review (login required) 

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D3.1 Three systematic reviews for modelling the exposure of PAH 3 IISPV Aug
D8.3 Updated dissemination and exploitation plan 8 CCRI Aug
D8.4 Updated awareness-raising and communication plan 8 CCRI Aug
D10.1 Information on the nature of the experiments and the procedures to ensure animal welfare and adherence to the three Rs principle (login required) 10 SKU Aug

Inventory of PPP distribution and accumulation in EPAH, incl gender-mediated differences (login required)

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Inventory on EPAH health status in CSS (login required)

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2 AU Aug
D9.2 Gender equality reports 9 WU Aug

Report on lock-ins and barriers to transition towards sustainable plant protection

Summary fact sheet for D7.1 report (8 pages)


Generalized PPPs’ application patterns from regional to EU level.(login required)

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5 MU Feb
D6.1 Report on environmental and economic sustainability of pesticide use regimes. 6 DTU Feb
D2.5 Testing and validation of the approach at CSS 2 UBERN Aug

Integrated fate models to estimate exposure of E and P for C-I-O farming systems using existing data and new data from the CSS (login required)

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3 WU Aug

Integrated exposure model to estimate exposure of A and H for C-I-O farming scenarios using models calibrated with data from the CSS (login required)

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3 UU Aug
D4.4 Assessment of the effects of PPPs’ mixtures on animal health.  4 RAM Aug
D6.2 Report on external costs of pesticide use and of social overuse at farm level 6 DTU Aug
D7.2 Report on baseline for transition to sustainable plant protection (delayed) 7 ECOLOGIC Dec
D6.3 Internal report on farm level impacts of different pesticide reduction strategies (login required) 6 FiBL Feb
D2.6 Recommendations for innovative management practices 2 UBERN Jun
D3.4 PBPK models parameterized for A and H and back-calculated uptake of PPPs’ mixture components based on biomonitoring data from CSS 3 SKU Aug
D3.5 Integrated exposure estimates including a sensitivity analysis for each of the PPPs’ mixtures for C-I-O farming systems and information on expected variability in these exposure estimates. 3 UU Aug
D3.6 Report on the gender-specific analysis addressing distinct patterns in PPPs’ exposure estimates in men vs. women 3 SKU Aug
D4.1 Ecotoxicological assessment of PPPs’ mixtures on terrestrial non-target species 4 MU Aug
D4.2 Ecotoxicological assessment of PPPs’ mixtures on aquatic non-target species 4 UAVR Aug
D4.3 Ecotoxicological assessment of PPPs’ mixtures on trophic transfer and bio-amplification of PPPs for both terrestrial and aquatic compartments 4 MU Aug
D4.5 Assessment of the effects of PPPs’ mixtures on human health 4 RAM Aug
D4.6 Report on the gender-specific analysis addressing distinct toxicological effects patterns of PPPs’ mixtures in men vs. women 4 RAM Aug
D5.1 Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox 5 WU Aug
D6.4 Protocol of consistent regional innovation scenarios 6 FiBL Aug
D6.5 Report on regional impacts of different ranked PPP reduction scenarios 6 FiBL  Feb
D1.2 Minutes of 6 PSAG meetings 1 LQM Aug
D1.3 Minutes of multi-stakeholder workshop 1 LQM  Aug
D5.3 Maps illustrating the estimates of possible health impacts of exposure to mixtures of PPPs 5 MU Aug
D5.4 Applicability of the toolbox to be expanded globally via the Pesticide Registration Toolkit through expert meetings tested 5 FAO Aug
D7.3 Final report and policy recommendations. 7 ECOLOGIC Aug
D8.5 Proceedings of the final SPRINT conference 8 CCRI Aug
D8.6 Final report on dissemination and exploitation results 8 CCRI Aug
D8.7 Final report on all communication activities performed by the SPRINT consortium 8 CCRI Aug
D9.2 Gender equality reports 9 WU Aug